With the widest selection of quality rugs in Hervey Bay, there’s no better place to shop for a new rug than Rob Nissen’s Floor Covering Centre. A new rug can breathe new life into a tired space, adding a flash of colour and a soft surface underfoot that protects hardwood flooring, helping it to retain its aesthetic charms.

Our superb selection of rugs can help you add beauty and style to your home, and with countless styles and colours to choose from, you’re sure to find a rug that’s perfect.  


Whether as a focal point or a neutral foundation, rugs enable you to change the seasonal look of any residential space, plus there are rugs for all seasons, from luxurious wool rugs for a warm and cosy winter environment to light rugs in bright colours that are perfect for summer. For the best range of rugs in the Wide Bay area, visit our Hervey Bay showroom.


Our collection of rugs will give your space a hint of texture, pattern & warmth. We can order a range of rectangle, round & runner rugs designed for indoors & out. 


Our outdoor rugs are the perfect addition for inside or outside the home! 

Why you need an Outdoor Rug

  • Transforms a functional patio into a luxurious space: When you have a deck, you want to make the most of your extra space. You can organise family gatherings and cuddle up with your novel while enjoying the sun. However, a functional patio can be mood-dampening, and if you do not want an expensive makeover, an all-weather rug will do the trick. It will transform the space into a breath-taking outdoor space with minimal effort.

  • They unify your space: A rug should complement a few décor pieces depending on your theme. It will also pull together the seating areas and create an elegant setting for gatherings.

  • Floor protection: Spills and stains can have devastating effects on your floors, especially when they ruin the smooth finishes. Alcohol and vinegar are acidic and will damage the paint or eat away the water-repellent sealers. If you have a rug, the stains will not get to the floors. Besides, most all-weather rugs are stain-resistant, and most spills will not destroy their appearance.

  • Reduces scratches and scuffs: Wood and stone floors are durable and can withstand various outdoor elements. However, your abrasive furniture can leave scratches and dents on the wooden floors. Instead of buying rubber pads for your chairs, you can buy a beautiful rug for the seating area, and the scratches will be a thing of the past.