Celebrate Spring with Colour & Florals

With Unitex International Rugs

One of the most exciting periods of the year is the
onset of Spring. For nature and the natural world, this is a
time to start new life from the previous winter cold.
Flowers begin to break through the snow to blossom and
animals begin to forage on the newly grown evergreens,
as the earth begins to tilt towards the sun.

We are loving the SANDERSON range for Spring feels…

For natures coexisting counterparts’, people, we also go
through a similar transition in our own lives, particularly
with our homes. Like the definitions of Spring being fresh
and new, we begin to think of new ways to style your home
 that are inspired by the qualities of the season.
A great starting point is that of a centre piece rug.
A rug is the perfect way to add new life, fresh colours
or a beautiful new texture into your home.

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